Snow days and food

More snow. It seems I’m always talking about snow on this blog. Bizarrely, though the picture below looks a bit dark, it was blinding outside when I took it.

Apparently I cook a lot when I’m snowbound in my home. I made some brownie mini cupcakes.

Most of which I packed up to send to my boyfriend for Valentine’s day. (While I like baking sweets, I tend to burn out on eating them really quickly. Feel free to take advantage of this by getting me to bake things, than taking all the leftovers.)

I made oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookies for him as well.

I noticed I had some pizza crust mix in the pantry that I had planned to try out months ago, so I made pizza with some canned tomatoes we got from my grandparents’ neighbors around Christmas, red bell pepper, spinach, shrimp and “fiesta blend” cheese.

I also made pasta with pretty much the same ingredients (plus Italian seasoning and radiatore) which I had for lunch a couple days.

I came to the realization last night that my road was a little scarier than other people’s roads when I invited Maggie, Marisa and Brandon over for a Doctor Who night, and they informed me of this fact. Alas! I’m really excited because we finished the new season 1, and watched David Tennant’s first Christmas special. I really hope everyone enjoys David Tennant as the 10th Doctor.


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  • Tanner

    Must be the auto adjust on the camera for the first picture. Either that or some sort of evil spirit is inhabiting it.

    You’re making me look bad with your early st. valentine’s preparations. I need to come up with something quick, so I thought I’d follow your lead and mail a pizza. Do you think she’ll like it? How was the pizza anyway?

    • astranoir

      Everyone likes pizza. Are you mailing one you baked yourself, or online ordering from a local place? 😛

      The pizza was pretty good. The main problem I have with most things like this is the toppings are too moist. Such was the case this time as well. I think it would have helped if I’d baked it at a slightly hotter temperature, but I’m always leery about turning up the heat on my oven as it usually gets too hot. It was still quite tasty. It would probably behoove me to get a pizza cutter, though (like this one ;-)).

  • Tanner

    well, I dont’ know about baking a pizza in the oven, but I’ve found that I can combust aluminum foil (among other things) on my stove top if I put the heat to near the maximum. Ever since I’ve been quite leery of cooking things too hot.

    That said, if you do cook something on very high heat for a short while at the begining of the baking cycle and then move to a much lower heat you can create a sort of “scorched” outer layer with a very moist inner core. I know that such is a common technique for home made breads and certain kinds of quiche.

    Hmm, that really didn’t have much to do with your moistness problem. Sorry, I guess I don’t have any useful advise for that under my index of cooking things. Maybe just get one of those small hand torches they use on creme brulee?

    • astranoir

      Still useful information. Definitely helpful to my near future because I’ve been heavily considering making quiche!

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