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Hot Dogtopus

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Last night Maggie and Marisa came over for dinner and another Doctor Who night. We watched 2 episodes: “New Earth” and “Tooth and Claw.”

For food, we decided to have salad, quiche, and dessert pastries. Loosely following this recipe*, we made 4 spinach and mushroom quiches. On a whim, we also made little octopodes from hot dogs (which I only placed on top of the quiches I kept for myself so I wouldn’t meat-contaminate the other quiches). I thought I’d share some pictures of our octopus army, and a little hot dogtopus perched atop one of the quiches.

* (Note on following this quiche recipe: we doubled the recipe and filled 4 normal-depth pie crusts rather than using deep dish pie crusts. Also, I’m pretty sure we used a lot more cheese than was called for… big surprise. We used fresh spinach and mushrooms [mini portabellas], and unsalted butter [I don’t think it indicates which kind of butter to use in the recipe, but unsalted worked just fine, especially since you season it to taste anyway]. Instead of using seasoned feta, we used plain feta but added extra garlic. Rather than using straight cheddar, we used a shredded blend including cheddar, jack, mozzarella, and other cheeses. In doubling the recipe, we didn’t use 2 small onions, but instead used 1 medium white onion.)

Snow days and food

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More snow. It seems I’m always talking about snow on this blog. Bizarrely, though the picture below looks a bit dark, it was blinding outside when I took it.

Apparently I cook a lot when I’m snowbound in my home. I made some brownie mini cupcakes.

Most of which I packed up to send to my boyfriend for Valentine’s day. (While I like baking sweets, I tend to burn out on eating them really quickly. Feel free to take advantage of this by getting me to bake things, than taking all the leftovers.)

I made oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookies for him as well.

I noticed I had some pizza crust mix in the pantry that I had planned to try out months ago, so I made pizza with some canned tomatoes we got from my grandparents’ neighbors around Christmas, red bell pepper, spinach, shrimp and “fiesta blend” cheese.

I also made pasta with pretty much the same ingredients (plus Italian seasoning and radiatore) which I had for lunch a couple days.

I came to the realization last night that my road was a little scarier than other people’s roads when I invited Maggie, Marisa and Brandon over for a Doctor Who night, and they informed me of this fact. Alas! I’m really excited because we finished the new season 1, and watched David Tennant’s first Christmas special. I really hope everyone enjoys David Tennant as the 10th Doctor.