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Snow days and food

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More snow. It seems I’m always talking about snow on this blog. Bizarrely, though the picture below looks a bit dark, it was blinding outside when I took it.

Apparently I cook a lot when I’m snowbound in my home. I made some brownie mini cupcakes.

Most of which I packed up to send to my boyfriend for Valentine’s day. (While I like baking sweets, I tend to burn out on eating them really quickly. Feel free to take advantage of this by getting me to bake things, than taking all the leftovers.)

I made oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookies for him as well.

I noticed I had some pizza crust mix in the pantry that I had planned to try out months ago, so I made pizza with some canned tomatoes we got from my grandparents’ neighbors around Christmas, red bell pepper, spinach, shrimp and “fiesta blend” cheese.

I also made pasta with pretty much the same ingredients (plus Italian seasoning and radiatore) which I had for lunch a couple days.

I came to the realization last night that my road was a little scarier than other people’s roads when I invited Maggie, Marisa and Brandon over for a Doctor Who night, and they informed me of this fact. Alas! I’m really excited because we finished the new season 1, and watched David Tennant’s first Christmas special. I really hope everyone enjoys David Tennant as the 10th Doctor.

Food Night 06 October 2010

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I hosted food night at my house this evening.  Turnout was a bit sparse, but we knew that it would be ahead of time, so we just decided to make hand foods/finger foods.  As always, everything was delicious.  We ate pretty quickly, so I have some pictures of my food that I took previously, and then a couple quick shots that I took after-the-fact.

I decided to try making savory scones.  I had never made scones of any type before, but this recipe really caught my eye, so I tried it out.  I didn’t use fresh dill because I couldn’t find any (I used some dried dill weed), but I otherwise stuck pretty close to the recipe.

Brandon brought cucumbers stuffed with cheese, sour cream, walnuts, and paprika.  Crisp, refreshing, and delicious.

Drew brought a few things: some lemon curd from a previous dinner party, fruit skewers, and polenta.  The texture of the polenta was fantastic.  I think he said it was from local yellow and green corn that had been milled nearby.  Yum!

After eating, we watched Hot Fuzz, which is always awesome!  Overall an enjoyable night.