[Incredibly Belated] Food Night 10 January 2011

Last Monday was food club. Our theme was casseroles:

Brandon made an eggy, spinachy bread bake:

Maggie made Paula Deen’s chocolate bread pudding (recipe here):

Marisa made a white lasagna (recipe here):

Maggie S. and Karla made a casserole with brown rice, muenster and greens:

Max and Jenna made a ratatouille with fennel sauce on the side:

Tyler made a red lasagna with quinoa:

I made a tuna noodle casserole (let me know if you want the recipe):


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  • Tanner

    You should include maybe some description about the dishes so I’ll know which ones I can pretend to try and make.

  • astranoir

    Sorry, the more I put off the posts, the worse I am at describing things.

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