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Fayetteville Farmers’ Market 30 July 2011

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Yesterday I went to the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market. It’s only the second or third time I’ve been this summer, but I definitely want to try to go a few more times. My bank’s atm was broken, so I worked on a budget of $7. Here’s my haul:


The tomatoes were so inviting, I immediately made a giant, and delicious, sandwich (whole wheat bread, hickory smoked deli chicken, baby spinach, and fresh tomatoes):


For those interested, the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market is in the running in the America’s Favorite Farmers Market contest (via).

Nearing Summer

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This evening as I walked back from a picnic, it really hit home that it’s nearly June and summer. Beyond the fact that I got devoured by biting insects like mosquitoes, I saw two glowing fireflies.

p.s. Does anyone else call them lightning bugs? I think I did when I was little.

Lunchtime Dinosaur Peanut Butter and Jelly

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I found my dinosaur sandwich cutter, which I’d never used. I decided to try it out yesterday on my peanut butter and jelly “sandwich” tortillas.

Before work, I made the pbj tortillas, then cut them with the sandwich cutter.

It may have been because I was cutting through a tortilla instead of sandwich bread, but I had difficulty getting it to cut through completely. I had to hold up the tortilla and press along the edges on the bottom to get it to cut cleanly.

Then I packed it to bring to work for lunch. I took the leftover “crust” pieces, and ate those for breakfast.

When I opened my lunch around noon, it didn’t look too much worse for the wear. The raspberry preserves had gotten a little runny, but it didn’t seem to affect the integrity of the dinosaur-shaped sandwiches.

I got the dinosaur sandwich cutter at Walmart. I tried to find them online, but they only had the dolphin one. I think there is also a pink heart one available. The one online is $7, but I’m pretty sure I bought mine for less than $5.

All pictures for this post were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, using the Vignette App.