Fayetteville Farmers’ Market 30 July 2011

Yesterday I went to the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market. It’s only the second or third time I’ve been this summer, but I definitely want to try to go a few more times. My bank’s atm was broken, so I worked on a budget of $7. Here’s my haul:


The tomatoes were so inviting, I immediately made a giant, and delicious, sandwich (whole wheat bread, hickory smoked deli chicken, baby spinach, and fresh tomatoes):


For those interested, the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market is in the running in the America’s Favorite Farmers Market contest (via).


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  • Tanner

    I went to the Little Rock farmer’s market thing once. It had quite a selection, but I calculated a cost per ounce of about $.2/1, which seemed like a lot to me.

    • astranoir

      Could be. I try to only get things that are reasonably affordable. I know the reason some of the stuff here is more expensive is because it’s organically grown, and is from local small farmers (so they don’t have bulk production keeping their prices down).

      • Tanner

        You know, that’s always a surprise to me since according to wal-mart something like 94583.848415232158% of their cost is shipping. You’d think shipping would be pretty cheap in the back of a small pickup.

        • astranoir

          Just because they can cart it into town in the back of a van doesn’t mean it’s cheap to grow on a small scale. The reason industrial farming happens is it’s cheaper. Especially growing organic, you may lose more crop to pests, but you still need to make a profit on what you have left. People aren’t buying in bulk, or pre-ordering shipments, so you don’t have a guaranteed revenue source for ~100% of your output. Sorry if I sound frustrated, but I think looking at it and just saying “oh they must be cheaper because they’re not shipping massive amounts of food, and it is probably being shipped shorter distance” is viewing the production and sales process pretty narrowly.

  • Aaron S

    I know this is random, but I came across your blog when I got your Street Pass info from my 3DS. I work at the movie theater at Friendly Center. My friend code is 2277 6834 2611. i’d love to get your code sometime. you can email me at chouji_chan@yahoo.com

    anywho! I’ve checked out some of your other posts and they’re so interesting. My sister started one of these food/life blogs and yours is very elegant. I can’t wait to read more.

    • astranoir

      Thanks! I saw you pop up on my 3DS the other day! I’ll be in touch, and thank you for your encouraging words.

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