Food Night 14 July 2011

Last week our food night theme was pub food. I was able to take a few quick snapshots of most of the dishes.


I brought barbecue wings with homemade sauce.

I also brought some Morningstar imitation chicken nuggets for the vegetarians.

Max made curried chicken nachos (I was lucky enough to get to take some leftovers of this home).

Brandon made the fish half of fish & chips (I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of the fresh fries Marisa made).

Maggie S. made mushroom sliders with mustard.

Maggie L. made bacon chex mix (with both real bacon and fake bacon for the vegetarians). This is the chex  mix with the real bacon.

Aaron made pretzels with cheese and green onion.

I was unable to get pictures of the desserts, unfortunately.


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