Lunchtime Dinosaur Peanut Butter and Jelly

I found my dinosaur sandwich cutter, which I’d never used. I decided to try it out yesterday on my peanut butter and jelly “sandwich” tortillas.

Before work, I made the pbj tortillas, then cut them with the sandwich cutter.

It may have been because I was cutting through a tortilla instead of sandwich bread, but I had difficulty getting it to cut through completely. I had to hold up the tortilla and press along the edges on the bottom to get it to cut cleanly.

Then I packed it to bring to work for lunch. I took the leftover “crust” pieces, and ate those for breakfast.

When I opened my lunch around noon, it didn’t look too much worse for the wear. The raspberry preserves had gotten a little runny, but it didn’t seem to affect the integrity of the dinosaur-shaped sandwiches.

I got the dinosaur sandwich cutter at Walmart. I tried to find them online, but they only had the dolphin one. I think there is also a pink heart one available. The one online is $7, but I’m pretty sure I bought mine for less than $5.

All pictures for this post were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, using the Vignette App.


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  • Tanner

    The best thing about tortillas is they don’t go bad as fast as bread. The worst thing about tortillas is they aren’t as delicious. But hey, dinosaur modifier has got to help.

  • Sean

    Laugh out loud. This just made my day.

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