Hollow Yarn Balls

Last Saturday, Maggie, Marisa and I decided to make decorative yarn balls based off this tutorial.

First we chose our yarns and inflated balloons. We used the larger size suggested in the tutorial, as well as smaller water balloons so we could have varied sizes.

We took the time to enjoy ourselves with the balloons before properly starting the project.

We dipped the yarn in the water/glue mixture, and wrapped it around the balloons, then set them on parchment paper to dry (we let ours dry for nearly 48 hours before popping and removing the balloons).

The yarn balls looked like they were collapsing when we popped the balloons, and the balloons pulled inward. The yarn quickly sprung back into place, however, and turned out rather well.

All pictures for this post were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, using the Vignette App.