An overview of my week, in pictures

I’ve been slowly attempting to make my house look nicer. Toward that end, I’ve bought posters (only framing and hanging a couple of them so far, though), and most recently I’ve bought new dishes. They’re brown and blue glazed stoneware, plus some brown tinted glasses. I partially bought them so my house/dishes would be more coordinated, but I’ve also found that when I host things like food night, I don’t actually have enough dishes to serve everyone. Now I should have enough, and they’ll all match! Here’s all my dishes after I ran them through the dishwasher for the first time:

Monday, I had a dinner video date with Ryan. We had red curry, and I got to use my new dishes, as well as the complimenting table cloth and placemats:

I’ve been bringing cereal to work for breakfast lately. The main hurdle I’ve had to overcome is the logistics of bringing milk to work. So far, the best solution I’ve found is to reuse Starbucks coffee bottles. Major perk: the glass bottles of milk make me feel like I have fresh, hand-delivered milk, even though that’s far from the truth.


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  • Irene

    ah, the milk bottle is a cute idea. I usually eat yogurt for breakfast but I’ve been falling behind on that lately so I try to at least have morning tea.

    • astranoir

      Thanks! I was kind of at a loss, because I definitely ruined a thermos trying to use it for milk. I thought glass would be a good idea, and realized I still had the bottles from those Starbucks things because my parents had gotten me some for Christmas 🙂 I don’t buy them for myself, but I like it when I get them — guilty pleasure. If you can squeeze in morning tea, maybe morning soup would be doable? Not that there’s anything wrong with tea!

  • Tanner

    Hah, I used to do that with the breakfeast too. Then I discovered that the coffee maker distributes hot water and used it to prepare things like oatmeal and grits. I find it more delicious than cereal and I like having warm meals, so that’s nice too.

    • astranoir

      We have microwaves and a coffee maker, but I am not a huge fan of hot cereal. When it’s particularly cold outside, I do have hot cereal, or even leftovers from the day before, but I’ve been trying to have cold cereal lately. Also, it encourages me to have calcium (and often vitamin D).

  • Tanner

    Wait…why does using milk in a thermos ruin it?

    • astranoir

      It probably doesn’t normally, but I had some in a cold treated thermos for a couple hours, but somehow the milk went really bad and burst the seals on the thermos, and curdled milk got in my backpack. So I just avoid it out of paranoia.

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