04 March 2010

The weather is nice out today (about 55F), so I walked to Harps to pick up 2lb of strawberries for food day at work tomorrow.  I’m trying to be more active, so it was nice to get outside and have a brisk walk.  Enjoying the sun was also nice.  I probably fill my “nerd” stereotype a bit too much regarding never seeing the sun.

I’m about halfway through chapter 2 of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.While I haven’t gotten far in the book, I am enjoying it immensely.  One thing I find particularly amusing are the footnotes.  In general I find footnotes to be both amusing and enjoyable in fiction.  At the moment the main one other than Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell that comes to mind is Good Omens, but I’m pretty sure I’ve enjoyed footnotes in other books as well.

My plans for this evening include picking up some dinner for myself and a friend, then chilling at his house while watching Top Gear.  As little as I know about cars, I find both Top Gear and Car Talk incredibly enjoyable.  Maybe I secretly have a passion for cars, but I just won’t tell myself.

Today my dad pointed me toward an Engadget article about an $85 netbook. It’s certainly limited (tiny screen, non-Atom processor, etc.), but at $85, I don’t see any reason not to at least check it out.  It seems like it would be great for a student, or anyone who needs to take notes on a regular basis.  Regarding application capabilities and such, it seems more like a mobile phone than a laptop.  To be fair, though, mobile phones can do quite a bit these days.

(until next time)