Club des Plaisirs Gourmands 1 Sep 2010

Tonight’s food club theme was “raw food.”  I brought all my components in containers so I could frost the cake when we got together.

In addition to the carrot goji cake I brought, people brought a surprising variety of food including zucchini “pasta,” apple butter, curried coleslaw, borsht, shrimp ceviche, and gazpacho.

All the food was delicious, check out this Flickr for more pictures!

While I had fun with raw food this evening, I don’t think it’s something I could do as a lifestyle, or even often.  It’s kind of exhausting remembering which nuts/legumes/etc. have already been cooked at high heat before I even buy them.  It did help me be more mindful of my food, though, which is generally great!

Sorry I didn’t include Brandon’s dessert.  I didn’t get a picture of it, and couldn’t remember what it was called 🙁


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  • Paul Bube

    Does “in the raw” mean that nothing was actually cooked?

  • astranoir

    Nothing was heated over 116 degrees F 🙂

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