Out of Shape

Thursday I got to spend a large chunk of the day with Kes.  We walk/jogged about a mile and went out to Taste of Thai.  I then took advantage of the Dr. Who audioplays he got my for my birthday on the drive to my parents’ house (I listened to 3 out of the 4 discs).

The audioplays are a couple of the ones read by David Tennant, placed during the time period when he played the Doctor.  One of the two is from when Donna Noble was his companion. Tennant is a fantastic reader.  He reads in his natural Scottish accent, modifying accents when he speaks for people.  He does a pretty good job for Donna, and of course the Doctor sounds perfect.

I doubt visiting my parents will ever be particularly restful physically speaking.  I’m definitely trying to be more active (hence the walk/jogging twice this week already), but my progress is pretty slow.  Yesterday, my mom and I walked (with a short burst of jogging in the middle) four miles.  Whew.  That’s a lot more than I’m used to dealing with.  We also did some boxing-esque free weight exercises, as well as ab exercises.  I was pretty exhausted afterward since I’m so out of shape.

During my Thursday and Friday walks, I wore my new Pokewalker that Tim got me for my birthday.  I plan on playing around with it, as well as with Pokemon HeartGold a bit more, then posting my overall impressions.  First impressions are pretty good.  I didn’t get to play Pokemon growing up (except a tiny bit of Red, I think on a school field trip), so I’ve only played Pearl previous to this one.  It’s cool seeing a bunch of Pokemon I remember my friends talking about when I was younger.

We then went to a baseball game, and I dozed off.  Bad idea:  my mom and I had not heeded my dad’s suggestion to wear sunblock because we forgot a bottle at the house and didn’t want to head back to get it.  I now have a bizarre sunburn that is only on part of my arms, neck, and chest.  I was wearing jeans, so my legs are still pearly-white.  Blech.

Hopefully, we’re going to pick up some plants at the nursery today to plant for Mother’s Day.  I think we’re going to have our Mother’s Day picnic today rather than tomorrow because there’s a pretty high chance of rain tomorrow.  I’m still not sure what food we’re planning to have on the picnic.  We discussed shish kabobs a little bit, but don’t want to take a grill with us, and don’t think they’d travel well if we made them beforehand.  I’m not a huge fan of sandwiches, but we’ll see what we end up doing.  I think the main food we’ve definitely decided on is spinach dip; delicious!


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  • Shivani

    Pokemon gold and silver were probably the best, so Heart Gold and Soul Silver are pretty nice. I love the amped-up graphics, but I don’t have a pokewalker because I am cheap. What starter did you pick?

  • Katherine

    I love my Pokewalker. It seems like I play the actual game very little, but upload my Pokewalker items/Pokemon religiously and play Voltorb Flip every time I turn on the game…

  • astranoir

    @Shivani I picked the leaf pokemon, whatever it was. I thought the other ones were kind of ugly

    @Katherine Is Voltorb Flip something I unlock? If not, I’m not sure what you’re talking about 🙁

  • Shivani

    It’s a little puzzle + luck game in Goldenrod City (not sure if that’s the right city), in the casino looking building. The city you get the bike in, it also has the radio tower station thing.

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