I ended up going to the library today.  Jason was interested in going with me, and we were both excited about volunteer opportunities.  I submitted my volunteer application, and renewed my library card.  While contacting people to get their permission to list them as references, I got to talk to a couple people I don’t get to talk with much.  It was really enjoyable.

Appropriately, the episodes of Dr. Who I’ve been watching have been book-related.  I saw an Agatha Christie episode before I went to the library.  Now that I’m home, it’s an episode about a library!  Awesome!

Tangentially, I have been considering how the children in my story should know each other.  I think a library would be an appropriate place for them to meet/get to know each other.  I think I would get distracted if I had them know each other through school.  Plus, I feel like the children’s backgrounds might detract from the possibility of them going to the same school.