Cable Blip and Library Conundrum

I thought I might not be posting today because my internet has been down since early this morning.  Kes and I tried unplugging the modem, etc. throughout the day, but no luck.  Finally, Kes convinced me to call Cox.  I don’t have a phone book, and no internet at the time, so I called 1-800-Goog411 which took an eternity because for some reason it couldn’t recognize the word “Fayetteville” even though it has many times in the past.  Then, I got put through to a disconnected Cox number.  Finally, I got ahold of Cox, navigated their automated menu, and spoke with a real human.  Immediately, all the lights on my modem lit up, and my internet was back… GAH.

I considered going to the library today, but talked myself out of it.  I would like to renew my library card, and check out volunteer opportunities, but I currently have books to read, and am not interested in checking out any more.    It just started bugging me that I would go to the library without the intention of checking anything out.  Is that weird?  Maybe I should go anyway in the near future.