Ready Player One Giveaway Results


Congratulations, you are the winner of a copy of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.


Please contact me at astranoir at gmail dot com to arrange shipping details.

A random number was chosen from 1 to 8 (there were 8 people in the comments of the previous post who expressed interest in winning the book). The number generated was 5 which corresponded with Rogue_hunter’s post.

Thanks to everyone who entered for you interest, and for your willingness to share your wonderful 80s memories.


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  • Tim

    Too bad you weren’t at PAX this year. You could have called him Rouge and the 30 or so of us who were there would have gotten a kick out of it. ;-p

  • Rogue_hunter

    But she was at PAX in ’09, she’s got the rights to do it!

  • Irene

    aw, you’re such a nerd ^_^

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