Officially Moved

I have now officially moved into my duplex! I’m out of my apartment completely, but am only partially unpacked. I made some unpacking progress today. I also got my new washer and dryer! I installed them myself (with a little help from Kes on the dryer cord shield thing), and they seem to be working properly.

I cooked with quinoa on my own for the first time this evening. I used red quinoa cooked in my rice cooker with 1 part quinoa to 2 parts vegetable broth (not stock). I cooked carrot, garlic, green bell pepper, chicken and broccoli in a skillet until the chicken was fully cooked, and the vegetables were tender. I then added some of the cooked quinoa, and continued cooking everything until it was warm all the way through. Other than the garlic in the skillet, and the vegetable broth, I didn’t add any seasoning. I really enjoyed it. It tasted like a slightly crunchy fried rice. I’m taking my leftovers to work for lunch tomorrow, yum! Kes tried some and liked it as well, even though he thought it looked a little weird.

The main issue I found while cooking this dish in the skillet and serving it is that the quinoa seems to jump everywhere at the slightest provocation. I had to be careful, and stir/serve more slowly than I would with some other type of dish. I ended up meticulously cleaning the kitchen so there was nothing around to tempt the mouse that appears to still be living in my home. The dish was definitely tasty, though!


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  • Paul Bube

    Glad you’re completely moved and that you have your washer & dryer hooked up and working!

  • Katherine

    What’s the difference between vegetable stock and vegetable broth? In meat broths vs stocks, a stock includes the bones, but wouldn’t vegetable stock and broth be the same thing?

  • astranoir

    It’s my understanding that it has to do with the concentration (broth would be more diluted than stock). I could be incorrect, however.

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