New Neighborhood

I went walking in what will be my new neighborhood today.  I was pleased to realize there’s a park just a couple blocks away.  It’s not very big; it has a swing set, some playground equipment with slides, a basketball court, and an area for grilling.  It’s still nice to have a park within easy walking distance.  Interestingly, various groups can “adopt the park,” (which I’m assuming has something to do with cleaning up trash) and one of the adoptive groups for this park is the NWA Filipino American group.  I didn’t know we had one, how cool!

I already knew I’d be less than a mile from a grocery store, but I’ll also be less than a mile away from an optometrist, a dentist, a health clinic, and several banks.  I’m excited to move.

Even though I would have a late start, I’m considering participating in Creativity Boot Camp, with writing being my medium.  If I get up the gumption to join in the fun, I’ll be sure to post my creations here.  Anyone else who’s interested should participate too!  I know a lot of people are using photography as their medium, but as far as I know, anything goes.


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  • Paul Bube

    Sounds like you’re in a great neighborhood.

  • Tanner

    wait, boot camp? Doesn’t that sound difficult? I couldn’t even get up the gumption to read the link (they use a lot of words)

  • Irene

    So, where’s the new place again? *trying to think of the random little parks in fayetteville

  • astranoir

    @Irene: It’s pretty much a mile from my old place; the other side of Wedington.

    @Tanner: Yeah, that’s part of why I haven’t started yet…

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    […] to also make things/create something.  I didn’t end up completing the creativity boot camp I mentioned previously.  This weekend, I discovered hitRECord, and felt even guiltier about my lack of creativity. […]

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