Mouse Update

I keep thinking there is only one mouse that has somehow gotten trapped in the duplex.  If that is true, the mouse problems maybe eradicated.  Jason caught a mouse in a bag of food he hadn’t unpacked yet, and quickly threw the whole thing away outside (not sure where he put the trashcan, though; hopefully not near the building).  I’m hoping that  I won’t have to worry about the mouse/mice anymore.  It makes cooking and working in the kitchen more stressful than it needs to be.


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  • Paul Bube

    So, do you think you were hearing Jason’s mouse?

    • astranoir

      I think the same mouse was on both sides of the duplex… I hope.

  • Shivani

    Have you been finding mouse droppings around?
    We had a problem at my parents’ place before, we only ever saw a mouse in the kitchen a few times but the droppings were all around the whole house (we had no clue how it had gotten that bad or how long it took for so many mice to get in). I don’t know if you are opposed to poison traps, but we put down a few of those and never had any problems after that.

  • astranoir

    @Shivani: The droppings are only in the kitchen on the side of the refrigerator, and I already have both poison and traps out.

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