Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  I don’t know many people who are doing anything special for Earth Day, but I got started a little early yesterday, and picked up some plants to hang on my balcony.  In the spirit of being kind to the earth, I decided to buy plants that yield edibles.  After receiving some help from the manager of the plant area at Home Depot, as well as an older lady and her son, I settled on getting the kind of hanging planters that hold the plants upside down.  I got a roma tomato plant and a red bell pepper plant (which actually turned out to be two red bell pepper plants).  Hopefully they’ll yield me some food.  It would be fun to make pasta sauce partially from food I grew myself.

If anything seems to happen with the plants (flowering, fruit, etc.), I’ll definitely post more pictures.  Then, if they yield edible fruit, I’ll see if anyone has good recipe suggestions 🙂