Hearts on Fiber Yarn Club: January and February 2023

I have mentioned Hearts on Fiber’s monthly Heart of Gold membership when frogging a cardigan at Halloween, and subsequently re-crocheting the yarn into a cardigan I love. Last year, I subscribed to the monthly colorway in worsted weight. Once I started becoming comfortable with my circular sock knitting machine, I decided that I wanted to switch to sock weight yarn for my subscription.

Regardless of yarn weight, the subscription includes one full-sized skein each month, as well as one “mini stubbies” skein in a color that matches or complements an element of the monthly colorway. (Alternatively, you can explicitly choose the color of your “mini stubbies” skein.) Additionally, members get a 10% discount.

January’s theme was “dark academia”, yielding a colorway in moody / earthy reds, browns, and greys, with hints of gold in the brown. The mini stubbies skein I got with the January yarn was a lovely orange-brown leaning red. When I got my February Madelinetosh box that I posted about previously, it reminded me a little of this “dark academia” yarn because both have dark, warm colors that bring me cozy feelings in wintertime.

1 full skein of sock yarn and 1 smaller / little stubbies skein of sock yarn; the full skein is earthy reds, browns, greys, and golds; the smaller skein is solid earthy red
January: Dark Academia

February had an mermaid / under water style theme, which manifested in light beachy blues with some copper complements. My “little stubbies” skein was a light blue “sea foam” matching the blues in the limited colorway. The colorway definitely says “beach” to me, perhaps mixed with oxidized pennies found in the sand. I kind of like the brown “ammonite” complementary colorway that was available more than the more matching “sea foam”, but am still absolutely delighted with what I got.

1 full skein of sock yarn and 1 smaller / little stubbies skein of sock yarn; the full skein is light beachy blues and speckles of copper, the smaller skein is solid light beachy blue
February: Beach

I won’t wrap these skeins on cones until I empty at least one of the cones of Madelinetosh “Legend Has It” yarn, but at that point, I will make socks with this yarn too. Right now, I am planning to use the “little stubbies” yarn for the heel and toe of the sock, and the full skein for the rest of the sock.