Return of the Cardigan: Current Crochet Progress

I shared a not-quite-so-haunting Halloween tale about frogging a significant amount of crochet progress, and starting over on a new cardigan (with an actual pattern, the Cozy Coed Cardigan pattern from Heart Hook Home). I am happy to share that I successfully completed the cardigan (sans perhaps attaching additional pockets in the future)!

While I mostly adhered to the pattern, I wandered off a bit on the edges, and decided to add a[n enormous] hood, buttons, and pocket(s).

a crochet cardigan with a huge hood in various colors: hood is black, one sleeve is cranberry, creme, and evergreen, other sleeve is black, dark orange, and faded teal, bottom faux ribbing is a muted green, the body has panels of black with almost neon pops of color, gold / autumnal yellow, white with pastel pops of color, lilac, and a blue / purple marbling
completed hooded cardigan (sans buttons and pocket(s))
a crochet cardigan folded up to show the back better: blocks of white with pastel pops of color, lilac, and a blue / purple marbling
back view of the cardigan
stack of crochet pockets with a needle on top; yarn on the top square is black with burnt orange, faded teal, and dark yellow; underneath, some cranberry and cream colors are visible

It is absolutely cozy, and almost exactly what I want when I am feeling chilly. The main thing I would change (and I can, assuming I am able to get more of one of the limited colorways from Hearts on Fiber) would be to make the pockets bigger. I made sure they would fit my phone, but adding significant positive ease would have been better… I have already had my phone fall out (including onto concrete) multiple times because the pockets aren’t quite deep enough for when I’m moving around.

I wasn’t sure I would love such an “eclectic” color palette, but I’m enjoying feeling like I’m reprising my elementary school art teacher, to be honest. I love being able to enjoy a bunch of the limited edition colorways from the Hearts on Fiber Heart of Gold membership at once.

After I finished this cardigan, I immediately started on 2 more crochet cardigans, haha! I will share additional cardigan updates in a future post.