Fiberuary 2023

On the fediverse I came across a craft-along that I am planning to participate in: Fiberuary

Announcing a fiber arts craftalong for February: #Fiberuary!

It’s very low key: if all you want to do is browse the hashtag and fave and reply encouragingly, that’s welcome too.

We’d love to see at least a weekly post with a past or present fiber arts project of any sort. (Alt text please)

There’s optional themes for practice or learning:

February 1-7: Color
February 8-14: Texture
February 15-21: Deliberate holes
February 22-28: Fixes & Mends

More here:

Naomi (Fiberuary post link)

My initial thoughts on what I might do for the themes:

  • February 1-7: Color – gingham and / or plaid weaving (already have this set up on the rigid heddle loom); simplified houndstooth weaving if I have time / complete the plaid
  • February 8-14: Texture – spinning a tweed blend from Paradise Fibers
  • February 15-21: Deliberate holes – maybe button holes, maybe a crochet pattern that has significant spaces (currently working on a sort of windowpane scarf that might work), maybe something other than the theme (like making blanket progress)
  • February 22-28: Fixes & Mends – darning socks

Are other folks participating in Fiberuary? What are you planning to work on or showcase?