Busy Saturday :)

The new layout is a work in progress.  It’s flexible-width so if pictures or anything start doing weird things like breaking out of the post structure for you, let me know.  The little artwork is a little goofy, but I’m not that great at drawing, so it’s probably going to stick around for awhile.

I had unexpected hangout time with Jason today.  He called to say he was nearby for a haircut, so he was able to come over.  He, Kes and I watched the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, went for lunch at Pho Saigon, and picked up Resonance of Fate (PS3).  The game seems pretty bizarre at first, but after Jason went through all the battle tutorials, the combat system looks pretty unique and interesting.

After chilling, I headed to Irene’s for the Seder.  I turned off on the wrong gravel road (turned left instead of right, whoops), but got there before everything started.  We used the same Haggadah we used at the UU church last year, so I was familiar with the ceremony.  I left before the feast, though, because Kes got off work 4 hours early!  Irene’s family was incredibly generous, and gave me some food to bring home, so Kes and I are feasting together.

For Easter, I am going to a service at the local Episcopal church.  I think people are disappointed I’m not attending the UU church, but memories of Alex make it too difficult for me to go.  In some ways, going to church at all is difficult for that reason.  Tanner and Irene might be joining me, if they are up early enough.  Following the service, we plan on going to see Clash of the Titans in theatres, if it’s not sold out or anything.  I’ve heard it’s not great, but it should be fun with friends.  I just worry the theatre will be crowded with families that are trying to find something to do on Easter.