It’s 70F outside and a we’re under a winter storm watch because it’s supposed to snow this weekend.  I’m a little confused.  Hopefully it doesn’t snow.  The roads and drivers get scarier around here when there’s snow.

This week felt like it went by really quickly.  Surely one hour didn’t make that much difference in my perception of week length.  Hopefully the weekend will linger a bit, and I can enjoy some relaxation.

Apparently Hikaru no Go is on Hulu.  Kes recommended it to me as an anime I might like.  It makes me want to learn to play/play Go.  I had the opportunity to learn at Governor’s School, but I guess it didn’t really interest me at the time.  I learned how to knit, and to stitch pages together to make a book instead (apparently; I only actually remember how to do the knitting bit, not the making a book).

p.s. I was tempted to name this entry “Hikaru no Snow” even though that wouldn’t make any sense.