Honoring Sacrifice and Loss [29 September 2013]

As an advocate for peace, I choose to take the time at least once weekly to remember the cost of war to civilians, and to remember the friends and families of United States service personnel who have been killed.


This past week, the Department of Defense announced the following combat-related deaths:

Sgt. William D. Brown III, 44, of Franklin, North Carolina

Spc. James T. Wickliffchacin, 22, of Edmond, Oklahoma

Staff Sgt. Liam J. Nevins, 32, of Denver, Colorado

Staff Sgt. Timothy R. McGill, 30, of Ramsey, New Jersey

Spc. Joshua J. Strickland, 23, of Woodstock, Georgia

Lt. Cmdr. Landon L. Jones, 35, of Lompoc, California

Chief Warrant Officer Jonathan S. Gibson, 32, of Aurora, Oregon

Staff Sgt. Thomas A. Baysore, Jr., 31, of Milton, Pennsylvania

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It is also easy to forget that the human cost of war extends beyond combat-related deaths.

May the friends and families of those who have died find peace. May those in combat areas, as well as their friends and families, find peace. May returned veterans find peace. May those who experience the mental health costs of war find peace. May the world find peace.

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