Learning Styles

I recently shared an article about The Learning Pyramid through Google Buzz.  Based on the interest in the article, I thought some people might be interested in filling out a questionnaire to figure out how they learn best.  My results showed I was VARK multimodal, which pretty much means I have no specific learning input preference.  From my point of view, I learn best by doing, so I’m a kinesthetic learner.

Tim got the Kindle cover I made him in the mail today.  Here’s how it looks on his Kindle:

Edit (forgot to mention):
I’m going to the Steve Martin concert (Performing with The Steep Canyon Rangers – An Evening of Bluegrass & Banjo) on April 24 with Kes and Jason!  We have 3 balcony seats together, and I’m pretty excited.  I can’t believe tickets sold out so fast.  I think we got the last 3 together in the balcony when we purchased ours.


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