Trying to be healthy

I’ve been taking various steps to be marginally more active/healthy.  I try to get up (to get water, or just to stretch my legs) at work regularly.  Even though we’re not in a situation where we can have a standing desk, I have elevated my chair to its maximum height and have been sitting on the edge so my feet are still firmly on the floor.  From what I can tell, my circulation has been better, and I’ve been forced to improve my posture while sitting at the computer.  An added bonus is that I’m actually sitting high enough to feel comfortable at our tall desks.

Away from work I’m trying to get out of the house more often both for exercise and just to avoid being so sedentary.  It was about 70F today, so I walked a mile down the road to The Perk in the shopping center where our Filipino food store used to be.  Apparently they went out of business about 6 months ago, and I never heard.  Now I feel a bit guilty about not shopping there more often.  There go my plans of making lumpia with Mikey until I can figure out a new place to get wrappers.  The shopping center was nearly unrecognizable from when I’d been there last.  The hookah bar had moved, and none of the restaurants were the same except The Perk coffee shop.  They seem to have added a “bar” sign, though.  I don’t remember them serving alcohol.

Anyway, I guess I can walk down there safely as there’s a sidewalk the whole way, contrary to what I said to my dad the other day.  I did get honked at about 3 times, though, and I didn’t see any other pedestrians, so that made me feel less safe.  The only other person I saw on the sidewalk was a bicyclist.  Even though they’ve made “scenic” bicycle trails throughout the city, our town still isn’t very bicycle friendly on the roads.


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