Approaching Autumn


There’s something about the air when seasons are transitioning that reminds me of the impending change.  This morning a tingle in my nose made me think about the onset of fall (hmmm, maybe this “something” in the air is spores, and the feeling I get is allergies).  The thought that autumn’s coming is accentuated by the temperature this morning being around 50F outside rather than being in the 80s.


I’m currently reading The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi.  I’m supposed to be reading it for this month’s book club, but here it is near the end of the month, and I’m not even halfway through the book (I’m on chapter 12).  I never understand why some books I’m enjoying just fly by, and others crawl by excruciatingly to the point where I’m not even sure I enjoy them because I just want to be finished.  What I am most enjoying about The Windup Girl is that it’s making me think about issues that might otherwise not be on my radar.  News stories about seed banks and wasted produce that normally wouldn’t stick with me have turned into articles that catch my attention and get me to contemplate the implications of our current actions.

While I feel a bit bad that I’m reading so slowly at the moment, I think part of my impatience stems from having a stack of lent books/recommendations/gifts for me to read.  I am very glad that I have good reading to look forward to rather than searching for something to pique my interest.  Back to the autumn theme, I look forward to curling up under a blanket to cozily read.  Lately, sitting around in the warm humidity has been unpleasant and mind-deadening.  Too bad the temperatures are supposed to rise again before fall fully arrives this year.


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  • Katherine

    Boo for weather supposed to heat up before it goes into full-blown autumn. I was wishing I had a nice patio set to sit on yesterday, it was so nice. I plan on opening all my windows when I go home for lunch, letting the nice air freshen up my home. 🙂

  • Tim

    It’s funny, I’ve been sitting at my desk up in the Seattle area and all day, I can’t stop thinking, “It smells like fall! I love fall!” WEIRD!

  • astranoir

    @Katherine Sounds lovely!

    @Tim Great minds think alike 😉

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