I’ve been feeling uncreative and unproductive lately.  A lot of times I will watch television, read, or play games when I come home.  I’d prefer to also make things/create something.  I didn’t end up completing the creativity boot camp I mentioned previously.  This weekend, I discovered hitRECord, and felt even guiltier about my lack of creativity.  Fortunately, I’ve been able to use it to push myself to learn new things, and create new things.

I worked through my Java book for an hour this evening.  I didn’t get through the first chapter, but I’m hoping that working through at this pace, and handwriting everything will help me learn it better.  I then completed days 1 and 2 of the creativity boot camp challenges.  I decided to post the results to hitRECord because I like the site so much, and because I feel like it’s good to do reasonable things that are slightly outside of my comfort zone (I definitely fear people judging me).


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  • Katherine

    Motivation’s a hard thing to keep up. If you find a magic way to keep with it, let me know, I desperately need that secret. 🙂

    • astranoir

      Haha, will do 🙂

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