Dairy Party

A couple of my friends have a foodie club every Wednesday. I attended this week, and the theme was “dairy.” Most of the foods definitely skewed toward cheese-based. There was broccoli in cheese sauce, spinach with gorgonzola sauce with cranberries and pine nuts, phyllo-wrapped mushrooms and cheese, etc. Some of the non-cheese dairy foods included rice pudding and corn chowder. Someone also brought zucchini bread, but we forgive him for not following the theme 😉

I helped make this interesting cheddar cheese ice cream. It kind of tastes like a cheesy frozen custard. We followed this recipe. I think it turned out pretty well!

Another dessert was panna cotta (which I believe is milk jello, essentially).  It was drizzled with a reduction of blackberry wine.  Soooo rich, but quite tasty.

Whew.  Good thing I’ve been working out.