Home again, home again, jiggity jig

Whew.  That was a much busier weekend than I normally have.  I’m trying in general to do more with my day, though.  After work I met up with Kes, and we went shopping for a new book for him, and groceries for me.  He picked upCryptonomicon, while I picked up some deli meat and cheese, as well as the ingredients for chicken tetrazinni.  To be honest, cooking this has been a lot more work than I expected.  I always forget how long it takes for liquid to thicken while cooking it on the stove.

I am not sure what I want to be reading right now.  I’m currently rereadingAmerican Gods, and have recently finished Rendezvous with Rama. I am not sure if I want to read more science fiction, like Gateway, or if I want to go more a fantasy route.  I would like to reread A Game of Thrones so I can discuss it with Kes, but I don’t want to continue largely rereading books rather than broadening my library.

Tomorrow, I think Kes and I are going to go ice skating at the Jones Center.  Hopefully I’ll remember to take my camera and take some pictures.  I’m still terrified of falling on the ice.