Good Day

Today I had a long day at work, left my ID badge (which is also my key into the building) on my desk and had to return to get it, have a clogged toilet, have an uncooperative vacuum, and it is still a good day.

Maybe it was the cake . . .


I’ve been cleaning off and on throughout the week in preparation for my parents spending the night on our way to see my sister.  I picked up some oatmeal and blueberries for us to have for breakfast before we get on the road in the morning.

I am excited to be seeing family this weekend, especially since I’m getting to see the opera on which my younger sister is the assistant director.  We plan on seeing the show twice; once on Saturday, and again on Sunday to see her good friends perform.

‘ll be spending my whole weekend away from home for the first time in awhile.  I expect it to be refreshing.  However, the weekend is when I get to spend any substantial time with my boyfriend, so I will definitely miss him.  It’s kind of rough working such disparate schedules, but I’m definitely glad we both have jobs.

Since I will have limited computer/internet access tomorrow, my entry may be quite brief (not that my posts have been very long so far).  Still, I plan on making some sort of post.  If nothing else, I am bringing a notebook, and will write in there, and will blog it when I have access.