Free Comic Book Day: Comics

As was intended, Kes and I picked up some free comics, and we purchased a couple things.  We ended up only stopping by Rock Bottom instead of checking out Hastings and Vintage Stock too.

Kes brought Superman, X-Men and Spiderman to work with him to read on his break.  I read through the rest.  Green Hornet was interesting, but too preview-y for me to get much out of it.  I enjoyed Iron Man the most.

Kes picked up Chew for me as an early birthday present.  I haven’t gotten to read through it yet, but I’ve been in the mood for something mystery-oriented.  I grabbed the lantern corps buttons.  Honestly, I’m not sure what to put them on, but I like having them.

We also picked up a flyer for the Little Rock Comic Con, which we had never heard of before.  Apparently it used to be known as the “comic book cult.”  From their site, I’m not sure what to think, especially since their flyer had a picture from the Iron Man 2 movie instead of something from a print comic book.  Only $3 admission, though.

There are probably going to be big changes coming to my blog soon.  I’ll try to keep you updated through the upcoming week.


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  • Irene

    oh man, our store was pretty picked over when we got there, I would have liked to get lantern buttons. I did get the war machine hero clix though.

    • admin

      Well, I paid real dollars for the lantern buttons, heh. How’s the War Machine Hero Clix? It looked cool on the site (more as a figure than as a clix thing since I don’t play). Also, super-late woke up and can’t sleep. ::sigh::

  • Irene

    you paid for the lantern buttons? huh, I was pretty sure those were a free promotional item when they were first introduced a few months ago, ah well. The war machine clix is pretty nice, I liked the fractured fairy tales and the GI Joe comic the best of what I got, though like I said pretty much everything was gone when we got there (I really wanted the tick, but they were out). Man that Dr. Solar comic was just awful though, talk about unstellar debuts 😛

    How were the deadpool and green hornet offerings?

  • astranoir

    I thought maybe there were promotional rings? Anyway, yeah Dr. Solar was pretty disappointing. Deadpool was nice in that it felt like a complete story/issue. I am not sure what to think about the Green Hornet stuff because it was very preview-y, and so there was very little of each iteration from which to draw any appreciation or dislike.

  • Chantal Kortemeier

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