Semi-Local Alpaca Fleece

CreativeFiberStudio on Etsy sells beautiful alpaca products out of Serenity Meadows Farm in Rougemont, North Carolina. Because I started spinning last year, and was interested in spinning with alpaca, I reached out to see if I could purchase the fiber directly. I was pleased to discover I could!

I was able to go to the farm to pick up a pound of black alpaca fleece recently. I got to meet a few of the alpacas, and even feed them!

six alpacas of varying cream to dark brown fleece colors; five are standing and looking at the camera, while one is sitting behind the others
a plastic bag of dark alpaca fiber with 3 tags: 1 with the picture of the near-black fleeced alpaca the fiber came from, 1 saying "Serenity Meadows Farm / natural quality at its finest", and 1 saying [something hidden] "Farm, Alpaca & Quality Products" on one side and "Shannon Earwood, CreativeFiberStudio - Etsy,, (919)-599-5771"
fiber packaging
a bag of black alpaca fiber with a round sticker saying "Serenity Meadows Farm" with the picture of yarn and a stuffed alpaca
bagged black alpaca fiber

I can’t wait to start spinning this fiber, though I have some Corriedale wool I want to finish spinning first.

They also have Bluefaced Leicester sheep and angora goats (which, a bit confusingly to me, produce mohair) on the farm, so I know I will be back for more fiber over time!