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Brainstorm: Repurposed Missile Silo – Farming

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On 25 February I brainstormed about living in a repurposed missile silo.

This is a continuation of that brainstorming process, with a focus on where food would come from if the silo were cut off from any outside contact.
Instead of a generic bubble dome on top of to missile silo structure, it seems it would be useful to have a geodesic greenhouse for growing grains and vegetables.

Possible crops:

Making tortillas and other flat breads would probably be more useful than trying to make breads, and even pastas that would need yeast, eggs, etc. that might be difficult to get in a closed system (sans raising chickens for the eggs).

It seems as though it would be difficult/impossible to have salt unless it was previously hoarded or unless they somehow had access to salt water.  Having access to salt water from a repurposed missile silo seems unlikely.

Growing peppers and spices (which could work easily even in the silo as opposed to the greenhouse) seems like it would be a worthy endeavor regarding seasoning food, especially with an absence of salt.

What would be a good way to preserve food other than salting it?  Dehydration seems like one good option; possibly canning in reusable jars as well.

Something else to think about:  I think a life in a repurposed missile silo would be most interesting if the silo were secluded.  In what situations would the silo be forcibly secluded, but the greenhouse would still work?  What would it be like if outside life were relatively normal, but a family (or a few families) lived in this silo.  What would kids at school think?  Would the parents work at home as scientists/researchers?

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

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Whew.  That was a much busier weekend than I normally have.  I’m trying in general to do more with my day, though.  After work I met up with Kes, and we went shopping for a new book for him, and groceries for me.  He picked upCryptonomicon, while I picked up some deli meat and cheese, as well as the ingredients for chicken tetrazinni.  To be honest, cooking this has been a lot more work than I expected.  I always forget how long it takes for liquid to thicken while cooking it on the stove.

I am not sure what I want to be reading right now.  I’m currently rereadingAmerican Gods, and have recently finished Rendezvous with Rama. I am not sure if I want to read more science fiction, like Gateway, or if I want to go more a fantasy route.  I would like to reread A Game of Thrones so I can discuss it with Kes, but I don’t want to continue largely rereading books rather than broadening my library.

Tomorrow, I think Kes and I are going to go ice skating at the Jones Center.  Hopefully I’ll remember to take my camera and take some pictures.  I’m still terrified of falling on the ice.

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This (Saturday) morning I automatically woke up at 6AM, and we hit the road by about 8AM.  It is now 1:18 AM, Sunday.  Unfortunately, this long day meant I had great difficulty staying awake in the dark theatre during the opera at 8 this evening.  What I was conscious for, I really enjoyed.  When else am I going to see choreography from a Lady Gaga music video implemented in an opera?

I still feel guilty because I really wanted to fully experience the show.  I won’t be able to watch the whole thing because even though we planned on going to tomorrow’s matinee, it is an hour later than we expected.  That crossed the line for being too late for us to get home at a reasonable time, so we will be heading out before the show instead.  On the plus side, I got to spend a lot more time with my sister than I often do when we visit.  We were never close while growing up, but I’m enjoying learning about the person into whom she’s grown.  It turns out she’s pretty cool.