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The TUSHY Classic Bidet

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Due to the situation with COVID-19, I have been working from home since 12 March (and I am thankful that I have the opportunity to work from home).

By 19 March I was already convinced we were not going to be able to refill our toilet paper supply before running out. (I was almost right… this past Friday, 17 April, we finally got some more toilet paper after failing to find any available for purchase for the entire time I’ve been staying at home.)

Twitter had just the inspiration I needed via N. K. Jemisin’s request for bidet recommendations, and Cherie Priest’s subsequent recommendation of the TUSHY Classic.

The TUSHY website informed me immediately that (a) most bidets were sold out, and (b) the ones that weren’t sold out wouldn’t be shipping until about 20 April. I went ahead and ordered the only model and color that were in stock: the TUSHY Classic in white and silver.

The TUSHY Classic is the simplest TUSHY bidet model, with no temperature control, lights, or other “fancy” features. The wash stream angle and intensity can be adjusted, and there is a self-washing function.

In the order confirmation email, TUSHY kindly links to a few items, including a video tutorial of how to install the TUSHY so you are prepared.

I checked my toilet and realized we had a plastic, inflexible toilet connector, so I also ordered a braided stainless steel connector.

Fast-forward to today — my TUSHY arrived!

The exterior of the shipping box wasn’t obviously screaming “BIDET”, but I could see that it was my order from TUSHY.

Tushy shipment box with "Tushy Inc" and "Courier: FedEx International" visible

Once I started unboxing the TUSHY, I appreciated how straightforward and relatively minimal the packaging was. However, as with the rest of TUSHY’s marketing copy, the packaging was over-saturated with poop and butt puns.

beginning to unbox the Tushy - "Stop wiping, start washing."

Personally, I could do with a reduced volume in butt and poop jokes.

The contents list is clearly spelled out, and is short enough to reduce the intimidation factor of installing a bidet myself.

An illustrated list of package contents: tushy controls, mega adapter + rubber washer, teflon tape, flexible hose (2 feet) with the title "Everything you need for some pieces of behind!"
Back of the Tushy box with basic info including the benefits of a bidet

Puns extend to the box seal.

box seal sticker saying "Let's get this potty started."

All the packaging is cardboard or paper (no plastic or styrofoam).

Tushy package contents are as described on the box, simply wrapped in brown paper
Tushy mega adapter, cap, and washers
tushy bidet and control unit

I wish the TUSHY looked as classy and simple when it was installed as it looks on its own and in the line-drawing instructions. It would be nice if there were an additional cover to go over the seat bolt area once the bidet is installed. I think it’s probably going to be a pain to clean around the adjustable installation area.

I’m less worried about cleaning the bidet nozzle itself since it has a built in self-wash function.

the tushy installed on our toilet (a) doesn't match the color of our toilet, and (b) has the adjustable installation bolt area super-visible
Sorry our bathroom is so dark

I’m looking forward to reducing my toilet paper usage. While the marketing copy for TUSHY is pretty corny and over-the-top with puns, I appreciate how approachable and simple it makes it to get started with a bidet.