Long Day

This is the first tulip in bloom I’ve seen this year.  It’s finally warm enough for them to come out.  Almost too warm, really.  It was 82F today, which is apparently 16F higher for our area than normal for this time of year according to the radio.

I’m considering buying a piano from a coworker.  It’s a great deal, and I’ve been passively wanting one for years.  From what I’ve seen it looks lovely, so I’m going to try to check it out and play it before making a decision.

Much of my day was spent driving to my parents’ house.  I’m tired now.  More tired than I would have been normally.  I decided I wanted to download an audiobook before I headed out so I would have something to entertain me on the long drive alone.  Unfortunately, several things happened.  It auto-purchased without asking me which card to use.  It of course used my dormant debit account with no money in it.  The bank was completely unhelpful while being deeply insincere and trying to sell me services.  The iTunes phone number just lead to a message telling me to go to the website.  The iTunes website told me it was all my fault, and to suck it up and get over it.  I ended up leaving town an hour later than I had planned so I could ferry money from my main bank to the now overdrafted account.  Humbug.  Oh, and the book turned out to be the 3rd in the series instead of the first one, so I just listened to part of the 7th Harry Potter book instead.