They Don’t Fight Crime

I don’t know if you’re familiar with They Fight Crime, but I have always admired the art of creating an intriguing character premise with brevity.  Today, I’ve spent a lot of time developing the three child characters from the “Hideaway” excerpt of my repurposed missile silo brainstorms.  I’m not prepared to present and discuss everything I’ve written today, partially because I would like some of the reveals to retain their effect when I first print them on my blog.  I will, however, leave you with a They Fight Crime-inspired glimpse of the characters:

Bert is a bull-headed action-taking boy who witnessed the apex of his parents’ breakup; Trini is a strong-willed leader who, as an “accident”, was unwanted by her parents; Stewart is a natural healer/peacemaker who knows death first hand.  They are on the run.


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