I’m working on a blog for a few reasons.  First, my Lenten commitment this year is to use my gifts more often.  Specifically, I am trying to write daily.  Fiction, non-fiction, a letter, whatever.  I figure this will be good for me because I will be preventing skills from atrophying as I work an entry-level desk job, and because I have started reading a lot again.  I think writing helps me both better appreciate and better understand the books I read.  I’m also hoping I can use this blog to keep in touch with a dear friend who is moving away.  In the past we traded a journal back and forth, and I would like to revive my end in an online format.

Hopefully I’ll come up with a more fitting name for this blog than the current name, “Demon Grocer.”  It is a title that popped into my head on my commute home while I tried to think of topics for a ficly story.  I’m still struggling at developing story ideas, but the name originally stemmed from me contemplating some people’s distaste for Walmart.  From there, I tried to imagine a way to portray vegetables bathed in the red, quavering light of the checkout scanner in a demonic way, but I have had no success expanding beyond the basic picture in my head.

I don’t actually have a ficly account at this juncture, but several of my friends do, and I’m hoping to utilize it for both my Lenten goal, and my own enjoyment.

Undoubtedly posts will be rambling and/or brief, with little focus, at least until I get a feel for my own voice, and for what I want to express.