Gizmodo Day

It turns out that today is Gizmodo Day (for those who are unfamiliar, Gizmodo is a tech blog).  I heard about it a couple days ago, and in an effort to actually Get Out [of the house] and Do Things, I decided to go to the local meetup.

I’m pleased to say the meetup, hosted at The Perk, was fantastic.  I was a little leery at first because I was only one of two females who RSVPed, but when I arrived, there was a great gender balance.  It was very low key and friendly.  We all introduced ourselves, swapped Twitter names, and hung out.  The big focal point at our table was a big game of Words With Friends.  GCM Computers was kind enough to provide us with two door prizes, a 4GB flash drive, and a usb hub.

At its peak, I think around 14 people were at the meetup.  I was pretty impressed, particularly since we’re in a lower population area.

Getting to mingle with other geeks, and meeting new people was a lot of fun.  There are tentative plans to get together again for more board game fun (Settlers of Catan and the like).  So far, Getting Out and Doing Things has been a success!


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