Plaid Weaving Project from Fiberuary 2023: Finished

I started a plaid weaving project during Fiberuary 2023, color week: some plaid fabric in red, white, blue, and green. The yarn wasn’t ideal for weaving (it was intended for machine knitting), and was much finer than anything I’d woven with previously. Both characteristics definitely impacted both my desire to work on the project and my pace. Thankfully, I recently finished the project (including “wet finishing” it)!

Close up of olive, dark red, blue, and white plaid fabric. The white looks prominently stripey
Finished Woven Plaid Close-Up

The green and red were lower contrast against one another than I intended, but I am still happy with how it came out, and the freedom I felt to experiment with the color placement and widths.

Folds of olive, dark red, blue, and white plaid fabric. The white looks prominently stripey, and there are larger bands of green and blue near the center of the shot
Finished Woven Plaid Folds

I originally had issues dressing the loom because the yarn became tangled after already spending hours warping. It was a really frustrating day, but my spouse helped me salvage over a yard. So, thankfully, I was able to finish dressing the loom, even though I lost probably 2 to 3 yards. After all the weeks between starting on the project and finishing it, the length of the finished fabric felt a bit disappointing (around 4 feet). Regardless, it was a great learning experience, and I am generally satisfied with the finished fabric.

A full length of fabric (a bit less than 4 feet) draped over the back of a red couch. The plaid patterning is irregular, with most of the white bands narrower than the red, olive, and blue stripes, but for one thicker white stripe towards the right. Both ends of the fabric have fringe
Finished Woven Plaid Cloth