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Apple Festival [quick update]

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I attended the Arkansas Apple Festival today.  I shared in a delicious apple dumpling with ice cream, and purchased a half peck of Arkansas black apples.  I didn’t really get to look around at any of the craft booths because we arrived a little late (considering they close down all the stalls at 5pm).

After the festival, I got some delicious sushi at Meiji, wandered around the mall a bit, then watched Kamikaze Girls with friends.  Even though it’s only Friday night, I oddly feel as though my weekend is drawing to a close.  What an odd sensation.

September Update

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I actually got home at a reasonable hour tonight!  I’ve definitely been much more social than I’m used to lately; it’s surprising that today felt like a “light” day.  After work I grabbed some groceries and gas, then

headed home and unwound while watching Law & Order: Los Angeles (who knew this existed? Not me).  I then made and devoured stuffed squash blossoms (filled with goat cheese, parsley and roasted garlic – delicious!) with Maggie and Marisa.  Back home to do mundane things like wash dishes and shower.

I’ve been listening to more music lately.  A bit of listening to the college station, and a lot of listening to my iPod.  This evening I’ve just been moving my iHome around the house with me as I do evening activities.

It’s kind of nice not living near campus/Dickson while Bikes, Blues and BBQ is gearing up.  There have been a few more motorcycles in my part of town, but not in any bothersome way.

Tomorrow I’m headed to the Apple Festival with a few friends.  I’m not sure what will be there other than apples and hand-crafted items, but wandering around festivals with friends is enjoyable (and slightly alliterative).

(Warning, short ramble below.)

I completely rewrote a poem I first completed (and published in the Muse, probably) in high school.  You can click here to read it if you wish.  Um, but I’m definitely self-conscious about it, so just a heads-up. :-/  Additionally, saying it’s a poem may be misleading because when I hear it in my head, it’s a song.  I just haven’t been able to transcribe it.  Anyway, me posting it is partially me trying not to be so self-conscious about things, so we’ll see how that turns out.  Theoretically, the more I show people things I’ve created, the less it will be unusual and/or stressful.