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Month: August 2010

Raw Food Cooking – Carrot Goji Cake

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In preparation for food club tomorrow night, Brandon and Kris came over to help me make a carrot goji cake.  I used this recipe, with a couple tweaks to the frosting (I was only able to get 1 vanilla bean, so we added a dash of vanilla extract, and I used a mix of walnuts and pecans rather than just pecans).

When we blended up all the ingredients for the cake, it smelled delicious.  Unfortunately, it didn’t look quite as lovely as it smelled.

While we made the cake and frosting, Kes was watching Demolition Man in the background.

Currently, the cake and frosting are setting.  I will plate them for the food party tomorrow evening, and see how people end up liking it!

Brandon was a ton of help.  I would have had problems pitting the dates and dealing with the vanilla bean if he hadn’t helped me out.

I’m excited to see what people are bringing tomorrow.  Hopefully the raw food theme isn’t too intimidating, and we can all try new things.

Book Club and Natural Foods

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This Sunday evening I went to my first book club meeting with my friends.  We got together, had some delicious quiche, and read aloud to everyone.  I don’t remember the titles of everything that was read, but some of the works included Madeline, Where’s My Cow, a French poem, an excerpt from Zorba the Greek, an excerpt from Insoluble Fish, excerpts from Pissing in the Snow (a book of Ozark folktales), “Snow, Glass, Apples” from Smoke and Mirrors, and an excerpt from a superhero/zombie book.  It’s a bit intimidating reading in front of other people, but everyone was enough laid back and attentive that I was able to have fun.  We hadn’t previously discussed or planned a theme for our story choices, so it was interesting to see what everyone brought.

This Wednesday’s food club theme is “raw foods.”  I’m making a raw carrot goji cake, so today I went to the local natural food store to get ingredients.  I tend to be a bit leery of going to the natural food store because even though I’m a co-op member, I always feel like people are looking at me weird like I shouldn’t be there (maybe I don’t wear enough hemp?).  Fortunately, today was an exceptional experience.  Both employees and customers were friendly and tolerant of my bewilderment.  The produce manager was particularly fantastic (and may be starting a produce blog soon)!  I didn’t realize coconut flour and coconut oil were as expensive as they are, so hopefully this cake is pretty tasty.  I’m already soaking the nuts for the frosting, and tomorrow I’ll start working on the cake itself.

Approaching Autumn

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There’s something about the air when seasons are transitioning that reminds me of the impending change.  This morning a tingle in my nose made me think about the onset of fall (hmmm, maybe this “something” in the air is spores, and the feeling I get is allergies).  The thought that autumn’s coming is accentuated by the temperature this morning being around 50F outside rather than being in the 80s.


I’m currently reading The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi.  I’m supposed to be reading it for this month’s book club, but here it is near the end of the month, and I’m not even halfway through the book (I’m on chapter 12).  I never understand why some books I’m enjoying just fly by, and others crawl by excruciatingly to the point where I’m not even sure I enjoy them because I just want to be finished.  What I am most enjoying about The Windup Girl is that it’s making me think about issues that might otherwise not be on my radar.  News stories about seed banks and wasted produce that normally wouldn’t stick with me have turned into articles that catch my attention and get me to contemplate the implications of our current actions.

While I feel a bit bad that I’m reading so slowly at the moment, I think part of my impatience stems from having a stack of lent books/recommendations/gifts for me to read.  I am very glad that I have good reading to look forward to rather than searching for something to pique my interest.  Back to the autumn theme, I look forward to curling up under a blanket to cozily read.  Lately, sitting around in the warm humidity has been unpleasant and mind-deadening.  Too bad the temperatures are supposed to rise again before fall fully arrives this year.